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“Keeping Safe in a Dangerous Place” is a book that gives you tips and tactics for avoiding danger in your day-to-day life. The book is split into various sections. It starts off with a few pages on Risk Recognition – understanding that you might be the target of an attack, and then moves on to discuss how you can be more aware, how to be more observant and what may constitute a suspicious person.

After that we move on to Practical Tips. This is split into a few key sections with several sub-headings in each section. The main five sections are Security in the Street, Security in the Vehicle, Security in your Home, Security in Transit (public transport) and Kidnap Prevention.

You might be wondering where Kidnap Prevention comes into it! The other sections are easily understood; we all use the street, vehicles, our homes and public transport on a daily basis and so we should understand the threats we face and how we can avoid them. But kidnap?

Well, this book was written using the structure of a course we ran for kidnap prevention. Funnily enough, all the other “Security in the..” sections were originally added in to give a more holistic understanding to our clients. The main part was the kidnap prevention.

When writing this book I had a dilemma as to whether to include the Kidnap prevention material or write a shorter guide  that specifically covers that aspect. I decided to include it because (if you have read the book already you will know this) it is actually just as relevant as the other sections depending on where you live in the world, and what your personal risk is. And as I say in the book, kidnap for ransom may not be so prevalent in many places, but abduction for robbery, rape and murder is – and the same techniques apply.

Most of the tactics in the book are common sense things. But in my experience it is often the case that until you have been explained that “common sense thing” that you may not have had reason to think about it before and are therefore unaware of the kind of attacks you may be susceptible to, and the strategies you can employ to reduce the chance that those attacks will be made against you.

I hope you enjoy the book!

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Common Sense Stuff
Article explaining the content of my book "Keeping Safe in a Dangerous Place" and how many of the tactics discussed are simple common-sense "things" that you just need be made aware of in order to implement them.

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