Keeping Safe in a Dangerous Place - an essential guide for everyoneMost people go about their daily lives unaffected by crime, blissfully unaware of the potential dangers they could encounter.  But violent crime is all around us. It can happen anytime, anywhere and to anyone. Some of us know this and have possibly experienced it first hand, or have a close friend or relative who has been the subject of an attack.

Keeping Safe in a Dangerous Place has been written to help you understand how to protect yourself. It provides simple tactics for day to day life that give you the tools to identify potential threats and avoid them, or escape the attack. It is not a book about fighting; it is a book about situational awareness and tactics.

This book can help keep you from becoming a victim. From being attacked, from being hurt and from being traumatised. Obviously it is not possible to defend against everything but with a little knowledge you can avoid much of the day to day violence that you hear about in the news.

From a content point of view this book is suitable for everyone from a mature high school student upwards. It’s written in an informal style, in easy-to-follow everyday English.  It is for men, women and teenagers; for travellers, students, and executives – we are all at risk from the same types of crime.

Threat & Risk Recognition, Security in the Street, Security in the Vehicle, Security in the Home, Kidnap Prevention, Security in Transit and much more, this book will teach you practical, common sense tips and advice for keeping safe in different environments and situations.

Oscar Leon has over two decades professional instructional experience teaching Krav Maga, dignitary protection and counter-terrorism security tactics to security professionals.  He has also designed and taught kidnap prevention seminars, anti-ambush driving and active countermeasure courses in the UK and overseas, training business executives and their families in how to avoid and escape from life threatening situations.

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