Welcome to my “Keeping Safe in a Dangerous Place” blog.

This won’t be a “full time” blog but I shall be updating it as and when I can with relevant stories and short case studies about attacks that have been raised in the news and elsewhere.  Please check back for periodic updates

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"This book is for everyone who walks home from the station in the dark, or picks their car up from a quiet shopping center car park after the cinema. Down to earth, pragmatic information, applicable to everyone." Rachael Godfrey, Hostile Environment Consultant and former Military Officer

  2014-06-23   United Kingdom

As someone aware of how unsafe living in big cities can sometimes be ...I found this simple, concise and to the point book very helpful on tips and tactics covering important aspects of keeping safe in everyday situations - when walking, driving, in your home and on public transport. I think it's a smart and practical little book that everyone would benefit from reading, regardless of whether you're a man or woman. Highly recommend this safety knowledge gem.

  2014-06-16   London / Johannesburg

Short book, but packed with info on personal safety. The author seems to have quite a bit of experience in security/personal safety/self defense, and covers lots of aspects of personal safety. I take my own personal safety seriously, and think about it quite a bit, but this book made me look at things from a new perspective, and forced me to consider things I had never considered before. Just based on that, it was worth the money. I especially like how the author didn't focus on the nitty-gritty of specific self-defense techniques; it's easy to get tied up with technique X versus technique Y, and he avoided that altogether. Finally, the section on kidnapping was a real eye-opener! Sounds like there are some really sh*tty places on this earth. Stay safe people.

  2014-04-22   Atlantic City, USA